How to Unlock Forgotten Pattern Lock in Android Without Losing Data

Hello guys, today in this article i am going to share an article which can helps to unlock forgotten pattern lock in android without losing data. Nowadays everyone using android mobile. If you also have an android phone. Then you already locked your phone by pattern or password security. So if you forgot your password or pattern then you unable to unlock it. But some of mobile has already include google verify option. With the help of google verify option, You can open your phone’s lock by just login in your phone. But every android does not has same feature. So if you forgot your password or pattern and your android mobile does not support google verify option. Then you unable to unlock it normally. But now in this article, We are going to share a full tutorial to unlock forgotten pattern lock in android without losing data.

So guys before starting the main part of this trick we have to describe android operating system. Because i really love to explain it in my many of articles. So if you already know about it then leave this paragraph. Nowadays every brand making their phone using android operating system. Because it’s a linux based operating system. You can do many of things by using your android mobile. It’s made by google in 2003.How to unlock forgotten pattern lock in android without losing data.

Everyone know about google, Because google performing best role to making digital world. If you want to search anything then you have to search that thing on google. Because it’s world best search engine also. Many of search engines also available on internet like Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc. But google is king. Even you also came on this article via google.  So guys without wasting your more time, I am going to turn into main part of this article.

Unlock Android Pattern or Password Lock Without Losing Data

Many of guys thinking what is losing data? is this internet data or something else?. So guys now i am going to describe, What is actually is it. When your device is locked and you forgot the password of your android phone. Then your all data like contacts, messages, call records, phone storage etc. Also getting locked. If follow my article, then you are able to unlock forgotten pattern lock in android without losing data. Because we have a method to unlock android password or pattern lock without format your device.

What Peoples Usually Do When Their Mobile Get Locked !

As i am talking about that How to unlock android mobile without losing data. Usually peoples going to mobile repairing shops and ask for unlock their phone. Most of shop owners doing hard reset to unlock android phone. Because it is the easiest method to break android password security. But in hard reset method your mobile will be formatted and you lose your whole data. That’s why many of peoples doing same thing and they lose their whole important data while unlocking android phone.

How to Unlock Android Mobile By Using Hard Reset Method

I know guys many of you know about this very easy method. But i am going to describe it. Because many of users have not PC or Laptops. So they unable to Unlock their phone by following today’s method. So i you also don’t have any PC or Laptop in your home. Then you have a option if you can to follow. Nowadays Cyber Cafes available in almost all india, So you can use this option to get PC to unlock forgotten pattern lock in android without losing data. Or you also have another option, The second option is that you can also use your friend’s PC or Laptop. But if you can not! Then unlock your phone by just doing hard reset. Because you don’t need PC or laptop in hard reset method. Here i will provide you full guide to hard reset android mobile.

  1. Switch of your phone.
  2. Then hold power key or Vol down ki together. (keys combination are different for different devices)
  3. Now it will show stock recovery.
  4. After that you have to wipe data/ factory reset.
  5. That’s it. With this, Your mobile will be format and unlock also. Now it will take few minutes to start.

Note :- This pattern unlock method is only for those peoples. Who don’t have PC or laptop. Or they can not able to access PC or Laptop. Because you can unable to unlock your android without losing data. If you don’t have PC or Laptop. If you want to follow this method then proceed. But if you need that method which can unlock android phone without losing your most important data. Then you have to follow below article.

Requirements to Unlock Android Phone Without Data Lose –

Guys now time to describe the requirement section. Which is the important part of this article. In this section we talking about that what things you need to unlock android phone without hard reset. You have to complete all requirements because you unable to proceed without complete all requirements given below.

  1. Locked Android Mobile.
  2. You also need a windows PC or Laptop. Because you need to install fastboot drivers in your windows computer.
  3. A USB cable :- because you need to connect your android mobile with your PC or laptop. For unlock pattern of that mobile.
  4. USB Driver For Your Phone, and you also need to install and update your device for unlock pattern of locked mobile. You can update the drivers by going to device manager in your computer.
  5. Custom Recovery :- You need to flash custom recovery in your phone for unlock pattern. If you don’t know about custom recovery then i will tell you in short. Custom recovery helps to flash any ROM or something in your phone. There are too many custom recovery available for android mobile. You can search on google for your device or model number. And you have to install it. I will recommend you to install CWM or TWRP Recovery.
  6. And the last thing you need to do is that you need to download Fastboot Drivers by just Click Here.

Steps to Unlock Android Phone Pattern or Password Lock Without losing Data

Here we provide you some steps to remove pattern or password without data lose. You have to follow all steps carefully. And i definitely sure that you can do it without any problem. But if you facing any type of problem then comment section is for you. So now start the main part of this trick.

  1. Firstly you need to install USB drivers in your computer to unlock pattern of your mobile. If you don’t know how to install it in your PC! then google it. You can find drivers for your phone by just searching on google. If you successfully download the drivers then install it. Now you have to update the driver from device manager. (Make sure your internet is working properly in your PC. When you are trying to update driver.) Or if you unable to find drivers for your device. Then comment your device name or model number in comment section below. I will find the driver for your android device in free time. And give you in your comment’s reply. Then you can unlock pattern without data lose.
  2. Now the second one thing you have to do is that you have to flash custom recovery in your phone. Because it is a important step in our trick. Then you have to definitely do it. You can install CWM, TWRP or any other recovery. If you can not find or install recovery in your phone. Then you can find the full method to install custom recovery in android mobile on google or YouTube.
  3. After that you have to open recovery mode in your device. To open recovery mode in android, you have to Switch Off you mobile first. Then just press Power key or Vol down key together. If you using a samsung device. Then you have to hold Power key or Home Button together. Or some different key combination work on different devices, So you can search for your device in google.
  4. Now click on “Mount /data/”, It will automatically open mount data folder.
  5. After that, Connect Your Phone With PC by using USB cable.
  6. Now you have to download Fastboot Drivers from above given links in requirement section. After successfully the download process you have to extract the file. Now open that folder, where you extract Fastboot Drivers . There are you can see some files in that folder.
  7. After that press and hold right shift key and then right click on anywhere in that folder. And tap on Open Command Window Here
  8. It will open a command window in your desktop.
  9. Then type Adb devices for check your device is connected or not with your PC.
  10. After that type adb shell and hit enter button. Now the last command you have to enter is that rm/data/system/gesture.key
  11. That’s it, Now press Go Back button in your android mobile. And reboot your device. With this your mobile will restart, and your pattern will unlock.

Video to Unlock Android Pattern Lock (Hard Reset)

Here we provide you a video guide to unlock pattern, which is very helpful for you. If you successfully unlock your mobile by just following given below video then don’t forgot to like the video or subscribe to our YouTube channel. We provide lots of helpful videos in our channel. If you unable to understand by just reading then also watch video to proper knowledge.

Final Words

Guys now time to finish this topic. I hope you understand the full tutorial to unlock pattern lock in android without data lose. So if you want to ask something regarding this tutorial then ask in comment section. You can also ask your problem’s solution or you can also give your feedback about this post in comment section. If above given content was helpful for you. Then don’t forget to share this post on your social media profiles like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter etc. If you want more tips and tricks tutorials about android or technology. Then regularly visit our site.

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