Games Like Harvest Moon | 2020 Edition

Hey friends, today we bring you an article which would be the best for you if you are a fan of Harvest Moon. Harvest Moon was a fantastic farming game. And people have given it the best reviews. Therefore today we bring you this article, Games Like Harvest Moon for PC.

Here in this article, we have listed the best alternatives to Harvest Moon game. If you are finding Harvest Moon like games, then this article is best for you. Below we have listed the best Harvest Moon like games. We have listed five best Games like Harvest moon for PC.

Games Like Harvest Moon of 2020

The first three of the list are free, and the rest of the two are Paid. So have a look at the below-given list. You can also download them from the given links below.

List of Best Games Like Harvest Moon for PC (FREE)

1:- Miramagia

Miramagia is a fantasy game that is absolutely free of cost. You can create your charming virtual village or town. You can farm and can raise your dragon in this game. It is full of fantasies, fairies, and magic. You can Play Miramagia for free from the link given below.

Play Miramagia

2:- Farm Up

Farm Up is also a free and one of the fantastic games like Harvesting Moon for PC. You can even play it on your smartphones also. You can enjoy and learn different farming techniques in this game. In Farm up, you need to be careful and have to play wisely. You can download it for free from the given link.

Download Farm Up

3:- Hay Day

Hay Day is the best among all free Harvest moon like games. Basically, its story starts with, player’s uncle handovers his farm to the players. And then the player’s journey begins to make the farm the best in the world. It includes trading, fishing, farming, buying and selling goods, etc. And you also invite your friends to visit you. You can even create a small town of your own. If you are interested in download the Hay Day game, then you can download it from the link given below.

Download Hay Day

List of the best games like Harvest Moon (PAID).

1:- VooDoo Garden

Voodoo Garden is not a typical farming game. In this game, you have to grow Fruits trees, plants, herbs, vegetables, and shrubs to help in the production of occult accessories. You can catch wild animals that can help you with your production. And you can also sacrifice your pets for some voodoo magic. You can learn different voodoo magic in the game. If you are interested in downloading the game, then you can download it for $2.99 from the link given below.

Download Voodoo Garden

2:- Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is one of the best alternatives to Harvest Moon. If you are a great fan of Harvest Moon than you must try this game. You can even experience the larger harvest world than Harvest Moon. It is similar to Harvest Moon in terms of Graphics and Gameplay. You can plant crops, increase the poultry and can enjoy the different farming techniques. You can download the game for $14.99 from the given link.

Download Stardew Valley

Final words

So these were the five best game like Harvest Moon for PC. You can download any of the game from the links according to your choice. Enjoy the fun of Harvest Moon with these games. With this, our article came to an end. I hope you liked today’s article on Games Like Harvest Moon For PC.

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