How to Change Android IMEI Number Without Root

Hello friends, you are most welcome to our website. In this article I am going to write about an awesome trick that you are willing to know and exactly for what you visit here. And the topic is How to change android IMEI number without root. Here in this article, I will provide you a trick which will allow you to change the IMEI number of your android mobile. So let’s begin our today’s article that is How to change android IMEI number without root.

How to change android IMEI number without root

I have divided this article into different section, in which you will get different kind of information in each section. I have mentioned about IMEI number, that what the IMEI number actually is? And what is its need? What is its function? And off-course How to change android IMEI number without root? So read below article properly to get more information about Android IMEI number. I have tried to spread all my knowledge about Android IMEI number among all you readers, through this article.change android imei number

What is Android IMEI number?

Now in this article, ” How to change android IMEI number without root “, first question comes forward is What the Android IMEI number actually is? Here in this section I will give you a brief introduction about Android Number.

Friends, Have you ever seen 15 digit number in your mobile phone box, which we often get whenever we bought a new mobile phone? Or inside your phone? Is the answer ” yes” ? Then friends, the same number is your Android’s IMEI number. Basically IMEI number or we can say it “International Mobile Equipment Identity” number is a unique 15 digit number. It is an unique identification number for all mobiles and smart phones. I hope you all have cleared all doubts about IMEI number. Now we will discuss some basic points about its (IMEI number’s) need. That what is its importance?, Why an android device needs IMEI number?

What is the need of IMEI number?

As I have described above that IMEI number is a unique identity number which is basically 15 digit number. This number is given by company of mobile phones to all its mobile and android devices. And this is because this 15 digit number which we called IMEI number is used by GSM or Global System for Mobile, to identify all of the valid devices. And this can help us to find our stolen mobile phone. Yes friends, any mobile phone can be traced through its IMEI number. So friends, if you ever lost your mobile somewhere then you can find your device easily by IMEI number. But friends make it sure that you must have your device’s IMEI number.

What can we do with IMEI number?

Nowadays we can see many money paying app in playstore. Basically these apps pay us for referring and downloading other applications through them. And this is a very easy task to earn some money specially for children. But sometimes we do not get more apps to download so that we can earn some more money. In that case if we try to install the apps which we already installed before then we get not paid for that. In this situation the question comes forward is that how they get the information that we have already installed the same app before? Yes friends, it is the IMEI number by which the payers get the information. Our device’s IMEI number get traced and they get the history.

What is the need to change android IMEI number without root?

As in above situation, if you change IMEI number then you can fool the paying app and you can earn more money with the app by downloading the same applications again and again. Not only this you can do a lot of things by changing IMEI number. And my this article will help you to change android IMEI number without root. You just have to read the whole article properly and follow the instructions carefully  to change android IMEI number without root.

Requirements to change android IMEI number without root

Here are some basic requirements you need to fulfil before proceeding towards the steps section of the article. Without these given requirements, you can not proceed forward. So have a look on the below given some requirements. And fulfil these requirements to change android IMEI number without root.

  • Android Device
  • Your android device should have MTK chipset (Media Tek) :- To check chipset of your Android device, download cpuZ application from playstore.
  • Mobile Uncle tool. (Downloading link in steps section).

Steps  to change android IMEI number without root

Now we have finally reached the main section of this article, we have reached the steps section. Below are some steps to change android IMEI number without root. Follow the steps and instructions carefully to change android IMEI number without root.


  1. First of all you have to download Mobile Uncle tool in your android device. You can simply download it by just clicking here.
  2. If you have successfully downloaded the above application in your android device then install it in your android device.
  3. Now time to open the application that you have downloaded from the above link.
  4. Now select Engineer option from there and then click on the Engineer Mode (MTK) option.
  5. After that you have to find CDS information option over there. For that just scroll down your page and if you find it then just click on that option.
  6. The next thing you have to do is to click on Radio information option.
  7. If you have all done the above steps, then after clicking radio information option, you will see two options Phone 1 and Phone 2. You have to click Phone 2 option of them.
  8. After clicking the option Phone 2, you will see AToption.
  9. Now you have to replace the AT+ option with “AT+ (space) your new 15 digit IMEI number (you can use any 15 digit number of your choice).
  10. Now if you all done then just click on SEND AT COMMAND option. With this you have saved your settings.
  11. If you have done it successfully then the final step is to restart or reboot your device.
  12. Now check your IMEI number, you will see a new IMEI number this time. You can check your IMEI number in your device by dialing *#6#.
  13. With this your device’s IMEI number will be changed.

Note: This trick is only for knowledge purpose. Please do not include it in any crime. And perform any task with your own risk, I will be not responsible for any fault due to you mistake in your device.

Final Words

Now we have to the end of this article. At last I want to thank you all that you have give your precious time to read this article and for visiting here. Please visit here for more articles and for any help. If you have any question or doubt with this article then you can ask me in comment section. I am here to help you. I will try to reply your questions soon. With this, share this article with your family, friends and colleagues on you social networking sites. Let’s end this article here. I will be back with a new article soon . Till then Bye-Bye.

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